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Meet Jim: Using Chrysalis was a no-brainer for me – 0% and 12 months, why wouldn’t you?

I had a full hip replacement on the right side by Ramsay Duchy (Truro). I looked on Ramsay’s website to see my options, and then went for a consultation. I talked to them about my payment options and thought that finance was the best option for me.

Why did you choose Chrysalis?

As soon as Chrysalis was mentioned and I saw the 0% and 12 months, why wouldn’t you go for this option?! Using Chrysalis was a no-brainer for me.  It was a very easy process and I would recommend them to anyone. From start to finish, I had all the support I could need.

The payments weren’t taken until I got my surgery which was absolutely brilliant to me. It shows that Chrysalis care about us getting the treatment and making sure everything is okay, before going ahead and taking the payments as soon as you apply for the pay monthly options. It made my process a lot more stress-free, and all the customer service team were there to offer me help when I needed it.

I wanted some guidance on what options were the best for me, so I sent Chrysalis an email, and they were able to tell me what options worked best for me and talked me through it – I couldn’t have had a better process. I thought the process would take quite a long time, but it took a maximum of two hours to be accepted and have my treatment booked in – it was absolutely amazing.

How was the process for you?

Everything was made so simple for me and I had good communication with both Ramsay and Chrysalis throughout. I’m recommending it to my friends and acquaintances because it was so good!

I was relaxed and confident with the help of Chrysalis and Ramsay, and it all helps with the outcome of my treatment. I was well looked after by both companies, and I’m confident in knowing my surgery went well and I can do the things I enjoy again.

How has your treatment helped you?

I was having some pain and discomfort when doing the things I enjoyed, and being able to have my treatment has changed this – I can bend down, do my hobbies, and do the things I couldn’t enjoy fully before I had my surgery.

Would you recommend Chrysalis?

I’m very impressed with the service I received from Ramsay and Chrysalis. I had minimal pain after surgery, and a few days after that, I had no pain whatsoever. It’s been amazing, and I would recommend Chrysalis to anyone.

One of my main positives was being able to schedule my treatment in a very timely manner to suit my summer sailing plans during my initial consultation, which itself was available at very short notice following my initial enquiry at Duchy. The initial consultation was on 1st June and the operation carried out on 18th October.

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