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Are you to old for Braces?

Are braces just for kids?

Absolutely not. Braces were once an affliction of the teenage years, but they are now becoming increasingly popular with older generations. They have been rocked by many celebs in their 30-50s. From Gwen Stefani, Tom Cruise, Ferne Cotton, and Nicholas Cage.

There is truly no upper age limit on wearing braces and having straighter teeth. People of all ages are tired of hiding their teeth behind their hands and just one day decide to take the leap of faith to invest in their perfect smile.

There has been a 75 per cent increase overall in adult dental treatment, and an extra 10% due to the recent global pandemic. People working from home and seeing them self on Zoom made them see their crooked teeth and notice their own appearance more. And not being able to hide behind a mask, what a better time to do it?

80% of female patients in the age bracket of 26-55 said they feel self-conscious and want to improve their appearance due to the increase of celebrities and influencers on social media. Dr Richard George said There has been a significant rise in adult orthodontic treatment over the past few years. Selfie culture is definitely playing a role; Patients say to me, “I don’t like the way I look in photographs”. I never used to get patients saying that at all, that is a result of digital photography and social media. ‘People of all ages want to be confident about how they look and feel. Getting braces as an adult will help straighten your teeth, boost your self-esteem, and gain confidence in your smile. They’re also becoming the must have accessory, the new ‘grill’ and some people are actually coming in for old-school braces like Donald Faison from clueless and, you could say Ugly betty… it’s now viewed as a fashion statement!

Wow has the Technology changed

Now stepping away from the renowned ‘train track’ braces, and the rise of technology, clear aligners like Invisalign, clear ceramic braces and lingual braces are giving you straight teeth without anyone even knowing.


The options:

  • Metal braces- Using metal braces is the traditional method of straightening teeth. Metal brackets are attached to the teeth and connected using a series of wires and elastic bands.
  • Invisalign- This involves the use of clear plastic aligners which are fitted over the teeth and help to make subtle changes to their alignment. The obvious advantage of Invisalign treatment is that the aligners are difficult to see, so they don’t affect your appearance when you are wearing them.
  • Ceramic braces- Ceramic braces are similar to traditional metal braces in the way they are put together. The difference is that these ones have brackets which are tooth coloured and made from ceramic material. This means that they are not as noticeable as metal braces when they are attached to the teeth.
  • Clear braces- In the same way that ceramic braces are similar to traditional metal ones, so are clear braces. The difference in this case is that they have clear brackets which are fitted to the teeth. These braces are a popular choice with many people who feel self-conscious about the effect that braces have.


So, what is the cost?

One of the biggest off-putting factors why adults don’t get braces is the cost, varying from £1,500- £7,500. However now there are more options for people to get braces, and that’s where Chrysalis can help from £105 per month* making it accessible to have straight perfect smile *(Representative Example: Total amount of Credit £5000.00. Total charge for credit £1300.00. Total Amount Repayable £6300.00. Repayable by 60 monthly payments of £105.00. Representative 9.9% APR. Example based upon a set of braces costing £5000.00 repayable over 60 months. Acceptance is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply)

Thanks to the advancement in dental technology, there are several options available, so you can choose the one that suits your pocket. As cosmetic dental surgery is becoming more and more commonplace, it’s easier than ever to access because now you can build the cost of it into your monthly budget with the help of Chrysalis Finance, subject to status. We work with carefully selected dentists to provide payment options for treatments. Put simply, that means you could get your treatment then spread the cost of it, paying in monthly instalments.

Be a trend setter and get your perfect smile!

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