About us

The UK’s largest and most experienced patient payment solutions company

Established in 2014, Chrysalis Finance is the only UK medical finance provider that is authorised with full permission by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), enabling us to manage your compliance with all of the Consumer Credit regulations. Our ethical lending solutions for elective procedures are delivered in partnership with our lenders, providing us with the financial resource you would expect from a leading UK financial institution.

With the increasing number of patients excluded from treatment, through NHS treatment restrictions and funding. A rapidly growing market for direct access self-pay patients, Chrysalis Finance has a unique and inclusive solution.

Key facts

  • Did you know that most people in the UK have access to less than £2,000 in immediate cash available to them at any one time.
  • Most people will make significant purchases using credit card or overdraft facilities.
  • Patient finance is not just for people who cannot afford it is for people who see the benefit of using us rather than their credit card or Bank.
  • 98.3 % of the UK population are our customers profile

Why choose us?

  • We are the UK’s largest patient payment solutions company with a wealth of experience in the healthcare finance sector
  • We have a clinical advisory board keeping us up to date with the latest healthcare issues.
  • Our automated patient application process is quick and easy to use.
  • We handle the FCA authorisation. No admin required on your part.
  • You receive full payment for treatment within 48 hours

“We will beat any other confirmed retail finance pricing”

Chrysalis offer the best specialist funding options in the healthcare arena, and will beat any other confirmed rates. So, if you are new to patient finance or switching from another provider we will provide a service that makes your patient experience better, saves you money and increases your cashflow.

1,2,3 Quick & Simple

Chrysalis provide the SIMPLEST 123 application process in the industry, with no lengthy forms to fill out. It is a simple, yet effective processing platform with the choice of electronic (no paper) or printed application forms that can be completed in the clinic or at home. We can integrate our systems into your management software making the patient’s application process almost entirely automatic.

Quick acceptance

Payments are delivered directly into your bank account within 48 hours! Those of you who have used a normal retail credit company, you won’t see money in your account for one or two weeks after completion. We pay you at the start of the treatment.

Comprehensive training package which includes:

  • System Training for all of your team
  • On line application support and training

What’s included in your fee:

  • FCA authorisation and compliance service.
  • Customer Service Team
  • Immediate access to point of sale marketing material
  • Integration with your IT software
  • IT help desk


  • Our system works with most medical and dental software systems.
  • There are no additional or hidden integration charges
  • Our platform is proactive and prompts your clinical team to discuss appropriate payment options at key stages of the treatment plan or care pathway (no other provider can do this)
  • We can set you up on our platform as quickly as the next day

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