About Chrysalis?

Established in 2014, Chrysalis Medical Finance is the only UK medical finance provider that is authorised with full permission by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), enabling us to manage your compliance with all of the Consumer Credit regulations. Our ethical lending solutions for elective procedures are delivered in partnership with Shawbrook Bank, providing us with the financial resource you would expect from a leading UK financial institution.

With the increasing number of patients excluded from treatment, through NHS treatment restrictions and funding. A rapidly growing market for direct access self-pay patients, Chrysalis Medical Finance has a unique and inclusive solution.


  • Did you know that most people in the UK have access to less than £2,000 in immediate cash available to them at any one time.
  • Most people will make significant purchases using credit card or overdraft facilities.
  • Patient finance is not just for people who cannot afford it is for people who see the benefit of using us rather than their credit card or Bank.
  • 98.3 % of the UK population are our customers profile

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