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One of the most common reasons for patients not taking up self-funded treatment is meeting the immediate cost. That’s often even before they get to talk to you!

You can help patients be smarter with their money by offering payment options and have treatment immediately without worrying about cost today.

Our complete and simple payment solutions make it fast and easy for a patient to transact with you.

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Benefits to your business

Your success is our success: as one of our accredited providers, we are committed to your success. This is the reason we approve only the best clinicians and service providers is so that we are able to fully support you with systems, tools, support and marketing. All of which enable your practice to grow.

Increase your number of self-pay patients

With NHS funding priorities focussed on urgent clinical needs, and many new treatments proving ineligible for NHS funding, some patients are forced to self-fund their treatments.

We offer interest free and low cost interest options to patients in the self-pay elective surgery market.

Our technology platform directly integrates with existing hospital and clinic systems, accepting credit transactions within seconds and with minimal data input.

We are committed to providing ethical lending solutions and are the only organisation in the UK able to provide a fully comprehensive, FCA compliant, credit processing service.

Full payment within 48 hours

With current pressures on the NHS, patients are increasingly encouraged to look at alternative funding methods for many elective procedures. Thanks to our simple and integrated credit application and approval process, Chrysalis can provide the funding for your patients within seconds of the credit application, meaning that you, the provider, can enjoy payment for treatment earlier in the care pathway (usually within 48hrs of the initial application). You can offer the patient full flexibility to change the values and scope of treatment as well as providing optimum levels of care not dependent upon limited patient budgets.

Simple and intuitive technology that integrates with your systems

Our simple and intuitive technology platform integrates directly with your existing systems. Credit transactions are accepted within seconds and with minimal data input. We offer paperless e-signature processes, as well as paper and online solutions. Patients receive an instant decision and can sign their credit agreement on screen, in the clinic, or at home.

We can provide a shadow limit to the patient before treatment begins allowing you to offer treatment types that will suit their budgets. Let us take away the hassle and concern about paying for care, provide the patient with instant and easy to use payment choice, and improve the way the patients see your organisation.

Chrysalis IT systems and infrastructure are fully N3 connection compliant for the transmission and dissemination of anonymised medical data and files, and comply fully with the requirements of IGSoC.

Business growth support

We offer a unique selection of tools to support your business growth and build awareness around the finance plan you offer. You will receive a wealth of marketing material including point of sale materials and online marketing support and we are on hand to guide you through all stages of an application along with after sales support.

Simple switching

Joining Chrysalis and switching from your existing funding option provider is quick, simple and beneficial for your practice:

  • We can set you up on our platform the same day
  • We will always beat the rates of your existing provider
  • We are proven to accept more finance applications
  • We pay quicker than any other provider
  • Immediate Access to point of sale marketing material

If you have not offered finance in the past, the process is just as simple and you could be set up and running within 24 hours.

Our simple three-step application process means you receive full payment for your patients’ treatment within 24 hours of them being approved. Your cashflow improves and your patient continues to pay for treatment according to their agreed plan.

Practitioners like you can benefit from carrying out treatments that patients actually want and require. Uptake of high-end procedures increases, along with practice or clinic turnover. Patients are rewarded with an affordable finance package, according to their terms, with no credit card charges.

From the people that created electronic credit systems, we offer a paperless e-signature process, as well as paper and online solutions. Patients receive an instant decision and can sign their credit agreement on screen, in the clinic, or at home. No waiting and completely simple to use. Gone are the days of patients needing to save for a treatment.

It isn’t just the rate that you can offer, it is the ease with which you can offer it.


Steve O'Brien

Evodental Centre

“I can recommend Chrysalis Finance without hesitation as they have helped us to expand our business by removing one of the barriers clients feel prevent them from having access to private treatment.”

Wendy Fitzgerald

Catherine Street Dental Practice

“We have been using Chrysalis for many years now and the process is very straightforward. When it has been necessary to call customer services they have dealt with my issues swiftly and professionally. Highly recommended!”

Amit Mistry

AM Surgery

“Joining Chrysalis was hassle free and I was offering funding to my patients the same day. The increase in high value treatment conversion has had a real positive impact on my business”

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