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UK’s largest ethical, caring, responsible lender in healthcare!

Every comment counts!

The feedback from thousands of patients we have supported in their journey has been the most important ingredient in our growth to become the largest, ethical healthcare finance company in the UK.

The progress of the company and the success of our services during our 14 years is a direct result of the open and honest feedback of patients and our partners, both positive and challenging. That ethos remains core to our organisation, our partnerships and our four values:


  1. Quality – we check all of our providers and only work with insured, professionally-registered and regulated providers in the UK so that we can be sure the quality of care meets the highest standards.
  2. Care – we take care at every step of the finance process, with both the client and the provider. We take care to ask for feedback so that we can continually improve.
  3. Trust – we earn trust from patients by being supportive, personable and responsive; we earn trust from our providers by being reliable and enabling their business to flourish
  4. Expertise – we ensure we extend our own expertise to providers, supporting and training our 10,0000 dental and clinical colleagues, patients and providers to be confident talking about finance options.

The new dawn of patient choice and empowerment

Consumers are now more empowered to publish their experiences and comments in a public forum and demand choice. We believe this is crucial if service providers are to improve – Chrysalis Finance included. We collect feedback on our services from the widest variety of sources including SMS surveys and online comments, an important unbiased source. This is why we always listen to and encourage feedback on platforms such as google and TrustPilot.

As we progress into a new world of the empowered patient, we continue to learn and to improve. This includes both the many positive comments that reflect our investment in patient care, and when it doesn’t go so well. From that learning, we can point to a number of service improvements that come as a result of patient and provider feedback.

We have:

  • Improved the appearance and functionality of our repayment calculator product, giving patients a way of checking their own accessibility to finance online prior to an application. This gives our provider clients a useful tool to use in discussions with the patient.
  • Using patient feedback, developed customer-facing materials that highlight financial options using terminology that is clear, fair and not misleading
  • Worked with our medical and dental providers to deliver interactive, fun and informative customer care and finance training sessions to ensure improved continuity for the patient in their journey.
  • Adopted an end to end approach to our patient focus – from the first time a patient calls or visits the website to following up post treatment to check everything has gone well. An approach that has been welcomed by patients – as these comments on TrustPilot reflect.

‘Lovely surprise to get a call once the finance had been set up – asking if i needed any support and guidance. Really lovely touch- thank you Chrysalis.’

‘Finance was quick and straightforward. Was also a nice touch to get a call and see how my treatment went.’

At the time of writing we have a five star rating on TrustPilot. It is a fantastic reflection of the hard work and dedication of our colleagues both in Chrysalis Finance and our providers. But we cannot sit back and assume we will maintain those scores. We have to drive improvement. That is why patient and provider feedback is communicated across the organisation from the patient-focused teams to the CEO and executive team. From that sharing, we embed improvements across Chrysalis Finance and our provider partners.


Working with our partners in the patient journey

Chrysalis Finance is only one part of the patient journey. We cannot deliver an outstanding patient experience without strong partnerships with our providers – with robust and open two-way communication. We believe this is a major difference between us and our competitors.

Core to our values, we only work with those we trust to deliver the best care and who will work with us to deliver the seamless journey that patients need. Recent comments on TrustPilot show the impact of that approach:

‘Easy to access, quick to agree, arranged seamlessly with the hospital. Thoroughly recommend your service.’

Naturally as more patients choose our services, the number of medical and dental care providers who choose to work with us has increased. This has led to improvements in service delivery. We have:

  • Boosted our digital integration products, so providers can combine their clinic datasets with a finance application within the same patient record held locally.
  • Worked with partners and industry voices to showcase patient stories and demonstrate accessible healthcare.
  • Increased regular communication between our marketing and patient-facing teams to ensure we are aware of the latest clinical and medical changes offered by providers.


We know just how important peace of mind and reassurance is for patients. That must never be underestimated or taken for granted. Patient and provider feedback tells us what we are doing well and where we can improve and it’s the continual strive to improve that keeps us going. It is why Chrysalis Finance was founded 14 years ago. It is why we only work with the best providers and clinicians and it is the reason we still do what we do.

Provide the best possible service to our patients – ensuring they can access the very best care when they need it most.

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