Funding Research

Funding Research

Our overriding aim is to provide ethical and affordable access to a broad range of private medical health care. To achieve this we stay close to the researchers and clinicians who develop and pioneer cutting edge treatments. We choose to fund our own clinical research and have an advisory board representing some of the world’s leading clinical specialists in a broad range of treatment areas such as Oncology. We view this investment as an important organisational choice, providing us with a crucial understanding of developments in the medical arena. One that will help us achieve our objective of helping the medical profession provide excellent medical care to the wider population.

Pioneers in the Industry

Chrysalis Finance do more than provide you with a mechanism to offer regulated finance to patients, we also offer a full service solution to patients who are looking for dental treatment, whether it is required or cosmetic.

The accreditation we offer is our seal of approval because our approval process is selective. This means that you gain competitive advantage over and above other practices in your area. We are also able to refer patients to those accredited providers we work with.

We also work with the leading experts in the field to pioneer new treatments and technologies. Through our research, Chrysalis is leading the way in many fields of treatment. In addition, we support charitable projects through research and funding

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