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Meet Chris- ‘I found the application forms so easy it was amazing, the response was almost immediate, the whole system is so simple its untrue. Absolutely marvellous!’

I originally went to the national health as I had a naval hernia which Id had for years but had started to become uncomfortable. I was really disappointed as the doctors there couldn’t help me and said I could be waiting years for the operation. This would have affected my lifestyle and it would have gotten worse the longer I waited. I love being active with golf and skiing and this would have stopped me doing my hobbies and planning future trips.

I then looked into private health care and went to Nuffield Health and spoke to a doctor there pretty much immediately. They told me it would cost around £4,000 and I could pick the date I wanted. Which was perfect for me as I could plan accordingly the date of the operation, plan my recovery and trips for the future. I couldn’t fault Nuffield Health at all, they were so helpful, and the ones who suggested using Chrysalis Finance.

I could have used my savings, but I went for the 0% interest free option over 6 months, with a £1000 deposit, which equalled out the monthly payments to around £500 a month which allowed me to live accordingly and keep my savings! I was amazed with how simple the process was from start to finish. I got told by the doctor at Nuffield, I went home and filled out a quick form offered to pay a deposit, it was approved within the same day, and a payment plan was sent to me with all the details! 

I had never even heard about 0% finance for healthcare treatment before, and honestly, I have told everyone at the golf club that private healthcare is the way to go! Even my daughter is waiting for a knee operation and is considering Chrysalis. There will be a lot of people in my position who will need healthcare treatment and will have access to savings and money in bonds which they don’t want to touch which won’t be aware of Chrysalis, and that there is an option to spread the cost of private health care.

When I went in for my treatment, Nuffield were again 5 star, I had very little pain and it is healing very well. I am 80 years old, therefore the doctor wouldn’t usually have done this operation but because I am quite active and healthy the doctor went ahead. I am being very cautions and taking it steady post operation, but I should be back to playing golf in no time! Recovery is about 4-6 weeks and I won’t be able to drive, so it’s a relief knowing I could choose my own date and best time for me. With access to the private health care, I was able to plan accordingly on my schedule and recovery, such as booking my skiing trips and organise the upcoming months.

I found the application forms so easy it was amazing, the response was almost immediate, the whole system is so simple its untrue. Absolutely marvellous!

Find out more about spreading the cost of your treatment with Nuffield Health here! 


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