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Meet John ‘This was a much more affordable way of paying – I didn’t have to think twice’

I arranged my Inguinal Hernia operation at Practice Plus Group, Shepton Mallet. The hernia was something causing me lots of pain but not enough to receive urgent treatment on the NHS. It would have taken months and months before they had any appointments, and I couldn’t wait that long.

I was planning on paying for the operation all in one go, although my wife suggested I paid over 12 months at 0% interest which was detailed within the hospital’s paperwork. After reading this we thought ‘what was there to lose’! This was a much more affordable way of paying – I didn’t even have to think twice. If in the future I have any other medical problems where I need to private treatment, I will definitely be using Chrysalis finance again to spread the cost.

The application was super easy, it was online and approved within seconds. To finalise it I then just needed to confirm the surgery date by text message, and everything was arranged! Anyone can apply!

I went to Shepton Mallet It was brilliant – also a very quick process. I said I would take a cancellation and as a result the surgery took place in less than two weeks. Even without a cancellation it would have only been 4 weeks which is still great.

Prior to the treatment I was on a sailing holiday which I had to end early because of the discomfort caused by the hernia. Now this is all sorted I can plan my trip for next year, and the inconvenience has been minimal. In attending a hospital for private treatment I’ve really only lost a month of my life, whereas with the NHS it would have been months and months!

I have already recommended this to others, and I will definitely be using the service again if the need arises.

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