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Meet Jon

Jon went to the Circle the Alexandra Hospital to get Arthroscopy on his right knee.

I went to the Circle the Alexandra Hospital to get Arthroscopy on my right knee, I have a long history of sports and my knees have taken a battering due to playing excessive sport. Over the years I’ve played football, volleyball, and running, but I live right on the edge of the peak district therefore I do lots of fell running up and down hills. It’s hard to try and find a balance between fitness and overdoing it and causing injuries.

When I went to the Alex hospital, they recommended Chrysalis as someone who they trusted and rated that offered finance options. I then looked into it and decided to go for the 10 month interest-free option as having to pay in one payment would have been a difficult decision. I have always used the NHS and I’m a big believer in it. I did go to the NHS first where I had scans and X-rays done, but they put me on the waiting list for 18 months and at the bottom of the priority list, therefore if someone else needed it more urgently, they would be seen before me. So, you’re looking at a 2 years wait.  I hate to say it but at the age I am, I don’t want to miss out on these valuable years and I want to enjoy life! Its been over a year since I’ve been exercising normally since being injured. Which finalised my decision to go for this option.

I wouldn’t have been able to have it if it wasn’t on a payment plan but splitting the payment into 10 months at 0% it made it more manageable. Knowing that the operation was accessible sooner rather than later, I felt so relieved. When applying, it was dead easy, with absolutely no problems. All of the forms were self-explanatory, I typed in my details on the computer, sent off with my bank details, then the direct debits and everything was all set into place.

I had the operation at the end of April and they told me recovery would take around 3 months. It’s now July and I’m recovering fine, I’m back walking and hill walking, but the hospital and physio advised I wait another month to start running again. When having an injury like this, it really influences your day-to-day life even going up the stairs, turning and twisting you can always feel it. Now I am 80% back to normal and it feels great, now I can’t wait to start running again, it’s my way of switching off and relaxing! 

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