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I have a spring in my step and a new lease of life. I feel so much more confident in myself!

Meet Kelly

Kelly used Chrysalis Finance to split the cost of her Gastric Sleeve surgery with Healthier Weight.

‘I have a spring in my step and a new lease of life. I feel so much more confident in myself!’ 

I’m a Nurse from Northern Ireland and I kept seeing so many people who had been for weight loss surgery in Turkey and had so many issues with it, so I knew I never wanted to go abroad for weight loss surgery. I knew I needed to help save my life and make this change, but I only felt comfortable doing it in the UK, but it came at a cost. I then found a surgeon who I really liked and when I looked into it they offered Chrysalis Finance. This then started to become a real possibility as I never thought I would be able to go ahead with the treatment if I had to pay upfront. Knowing I could spread the cost made me feel so relieved and made it possible.

I then went to Birmingham and went ahead with Gastric sleeve surgery and that is when my life changed. I started my weight loss journey at 24 stone and 7 weeks in I am 19 stone, my knees no longer hurt, and I can pick things up off the floor and kneel down normally. I can walk to the car without being out of breath! Everything is now looking up in all aspects of my life. My relationship with my husband has improved, I can spend more time with my two children, like walking around the amusements and being able to sit on the rides with them. I have always wanted to Skydive and it’s something I can do in the future and it’s so exciting.

The application process with chrysalis was so straightforward and quick with no difficult questions. Their communication was great, extremely upfront, and explained in words everything in an email saying exactly how much the upfront and monthly payments were. I just couldn’t get over how simple it all was.

I can now enjoy the simple things like shopping and going to new places I never used to want to go to. I have a spring in my step and a new lease of life! I feel way more confident in myself. If I didn’t have access to a payment option, this would not have been possible. I would 100% recommend Chrysalis Finance because it truly has changed my life!

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