Our Values


With the patient’s journey and experience at the centre of what we deliver, we ensure that quality is prevalent and only work with partners who have the same values as us. We have an accreditation process to ensure the highest standards are met. This is outlined in more detail in our Patient Promise.


As an ethical organisation, you can trust that the process we guide you through is in integrity with our values and delivering the highest quality of service.


Our management team has a background in consumer finance and healthcare. The Advisory Board comprises some of the UK’s preeminent surgeons and healthcare professionals. We only fund treatments provided by UK-based clinics or hospitals undertaken by qualified specialist consultants who are recognised and authorised by their appropriate UK Professional regulatory authority.

Our mission is to change the way elective procedures are delivered by providing a financial solution that addresses:

  • Long NHS waiting lists.
  • Opening up patient choice by removing cashflow and credit concerns.
  • Responsible clinical conduct provided to all of our customers and patients.
  • Inadequacies of the system.


Working with the best in the medical and dental fields means that we are always at the forefront of the latest advances in technology and procedures. We also proactively invest in and encourage forward thinking research in many sectors. More information is here.


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