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UK’s largest ethical, caring, responsible lender in healthcare!

Chrysalis Patient's Promise

Our Promise to you is to guarantee the highest standard of provision from start to finish.

We put our patients first

Patients’ best interests are always core to everything we do; including a simple 1,2,3 application process, the best provision of treatments and care, and continued support.

We are regulated

As the only specialist provider of dental and medical finance in the UK, we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our regulatory consumer protection, authorisation and regulation also extends to all of our approved providers.


We approve our providers

Our qualification process means that all of our providers are registered with the UK governing professional bodies. All providers are appropriately qualified for the treatments being undertaken. In addition, all providers have the requisite professional indemnity insurance.


We act on your behalf

If you have any problem with your treatment, we will act on your behalf and resolve the problem with your chosen provider.

We are independent

Chrysalis Finance works with an Independent Clinical Advisory Panel that is made up of leading specialist clinicians. This Panel is in place to advise us on new developments and best practice within UK healthcare so that we are always up to date.

We make a bigger impact

The values of Chrysalis Finance allow us to work with the professional governing bodies of healthcare providers registered with Chrysalis to continually improve clinical standards. Furthermore, we fund research projects in many areas to improve treatments of the future.

Get in touch

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