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Is there an alternative to #turkeyteeth for the perfect smile?

Is there an alternative to #turkeyteeth for the perfect smile?

If you watch Love Island, follow the Kardashians or know
your way around TikTok and Instagram, there’s a good chance you are considering
cosmetic dentistry to get that perfect, pearly-white smile. But if you are
considering #turkeyteeth, read on to find out how you can get the smile you
want here in the UK, without the uncertainty of treatment in a foreign country
and without breaking open your piggy bank.

What’s all the fuss about?

If you’re not in the know, here’s the lowdown, #turkeyteeth
is everywhere at the moment as people share their stories of getting cosmetic
dental treatment for the perfect smile and combining it with a sunny holiday in
Turkey. Why are they going abroad for treatment? Well, on the face of it, it’s
cheaper, quicker and easier than getting the cosmetic dentistry in the UK.

But of course, like anything that looks too good to be true,
there are some big potential downsides. A recent BBC documentary
uncovered that many people are receiving a mouthful of crowns when veneers
would be far less invasive and just as effective. This can lead to serious
problems such as abscesses that require root canal work and, in the long term,
potentially even the need for dentures. If you have your treatment in Turkey,
it’s difficult to get problems followed up by the clinic, which is why UK
dentists often find themselves picking up the pieces. For you as a patient, post
treatment problems are not only bad for your wellbeing but they can also mean
paying again to put things right.


Get your smile in the UK

It may appear to be more expensive to get cosmetic dentistry
treatments in the UK but there are many advantages. Your UK dentist will advise
you on the best course of treatment, and your follow up appointments are all on
your doorstep. Rather than the alternative option of filing down a set of healthy
teeth and overlaying them with crowns, your dentist will offer a sensible, safe
treatment that’s right for you and meets with your objectives. It’s worth
bearing in mind that one UK dentist in the BBC documentary says,

“If I did 20 crowns on a 21-year-old for the
purposes of improving the colour, I would have my licence revoked, I would be
struck off.”

If that’s the case, it should make you question the wisdom
of heading to a country you don’t know well for a treatment that UK dentists
would consider bad for you.

When it comes to the cost of treatments, there are a number
of options for payment. Choose a dentist that is partnered with us at Chrysalis
Finance and you could spread the cost in monthly instalments. Most of our
dentists offer interest free repayments over 12 months as well as other
flexible payment terms.

A dentist you can trust

Here’s the most important thing: At Chrysalis, we accredit
our partner clinics. This means we subject our them to stringent due diligence
checks to ensure they are registered with the UK governing professional bodies
and are up to date with specialist qualifications and training. We also check
clinicians have appropriate insurance in place, for your protection.

These checks continue every year so that you have the
assurance that any dentist partnered with Chrysalis is safe, professional and
one of the best dentists in the UK.

If you are a dentist, the Chrysalis seal of approval is an
accreditation that can reassure your patients and of course, it means you can offer
them payment options that allow them to budget for their treatment sensibly.

Smile, because you’re in safe hands

A beautiful smile isn’t the answer to everything but it does
have the potential to make you feel more confident about yourself. If cosmetic
dentistry is something you are considering, we urge you to do your research. In
the same way, we do our research at Chrysalis Finance so that you can have
confidence in our partner clinics. Find out more about how we
choose our clinics, how you can apply for finance to spread the cost of your
treatment and what we say in our Patient Promise, which puts you at the heart of
how we do business.

Now, that’s something to make you smile!

If you are a dentist, and you want to be able to offer your
patients payment options, contact us to find out more:

Tel: 0333 32 32 230


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