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We won

We won! – Most Innovative Patient Payment Solutions Company 2022


The bunting is out today at the Chrysalis office because we are celebrating an award that means so much to us.

We have been crowned the Most Innovative Patient Payments Solutions Company 2022 in the prestigious Private Healthcare Awards.

Here’s what the sponsor of the award said to us,

“We at Global Health & Pharma are delighted to have been able to recognise your contribution to the global healthcare community. This is a well-deserved achievement for which we’d like to pass on our warmest well wishes!”

You are part of this win too. It’s only by listening to our clients and responding to their needs that our innovative solutions are ever developed and launched. So, it’s a great big THANK YOU from us to you.

Innovative payment solutions from Chrysalis

Innovation has been at the heart of our culture at Chrysalis, since we were founded. We innovate to make things better for you, our clients.

That’s why our easy-application payment options continue to be taken up in great numbers by clinics who want to offer their patients the choice of monthly payments and see their own business increase as a result.

That’s’ why we are launching TreatmentPay, our revolutionary payment processing service. TreatmentPay breaks up the cosy arrangement that saw you paying over the odds for payment processing and it makes payment simple and easy, for you and your patients.

That’s why we are always listening to you and researching ways to simplify healthcare finance and support your clinic in giving your patients what they want.

Find out more

If you are yet to get going with monthly payment options for your patients, or if you need our support to boost the benefits from your Chrysalis partner status, get in touch using the details below.

In the meantime, we’re polishing our trophy, sending you our gratitude and working on our next innovation in healthcare finance.

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