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Why it pays to promote monthly payment options!

Picture the scene:

The patient needs a treatment but it costs £960. For this patient, that’s a sum they just don’t have to hand. It’s a huge barrier. In fact, it’s a deal breaker and the treatment’s off. Nobody wins.

Or, how about this:

A person wants a cosmetic treatment. The clinic down the road advertises monthly payment options so that’s where they go for the treatment. In this case, you are the only one who loses out.

Annoyingly, as a Chrysalis partner, you could have offered both of them monthly payments but they (and maybe your team) just weren’t aware.

Now picture this:

You offer monthly payment options through Chrysalis Finance – but you don’t stop there – you promote them at every opportunity.

To the first patient, rather than saying, “I’m afraid that’s going to cost £960,” you say, “You could spread the cost over 24 months which would cost £40.00 per month.” Everybody’s happy and the treatment goes ahead.

The second patient comes to you for their treatment rather than your competitor because they checked out your website and saw that you offered monthly payment options.

Promoting monthly payment options could transform your clinic – people relate to the idea readily and it opens the door to more treatments.

How to promote your monthly payment options

Are you a Chrysalis Partner?

If you are already a Chrysalis partner clinic: great, everything is place for you to start promoting payment options to your patients. For many patients, monthly payments can be the deciding factor that makes the treatment possible, and for others they may be just a sensible way for them to manage their money, adding the payments to their monthly budget. Either way, unless you tell your patients it’s an option, they won’t know!

So let’s get promoting. Here are 5 simple things you can do:

1) Use our free point of sale materials. Display them prominently and they act as a silent salesperson, getting the message across while patients are in the waiting room.

2)Join us for a refresher on how the application process works (hint: it’s simple and speedy).

3)Ask your Account Manager for tips on how to talk to your patients about the benefits of monthly payments and offer them to every patient. Clinicians and your reception team should be singing from the same hymn sheet so that patients get a clear and consistent message.

4)Let us help you put together a page for your website that explains your monthly payment options, illustrates them with examples and gives a link to apply.

5)Use our special template to email your patients, letting them know that monthly payment options are all part of the service.

Speak to your Chrysalis Account Manager today, who can help you with all of these. Alternatively, contact us using the details below:

Tel: 0333 32 32 230


Not a Chrysalis Partner yet?

If you’re not partnered with us, you’re missing a vital opportunity to increase the number of treatments you do and attract more patients to your clinic. Chrysalis Finance is the UK’s largest and most experienced patient payment solutions company. We were recently awarded Most Innovative Patient Payment Solutions Company 2022 in the prestigious Private Healthcare Awards. What makes us different is that we specialise in healthcare and by listening to our clients and their patients, we make sure we provide innovative finance solutions that stay relevant to their needs.

Get in touch today to find out how you can become a partner and enjoy the benefits of offering monthly payment options to your patients. Once we have carried out due diligence (another reason we have a reputation as trusted providers), we can get you set up and you can start to increase your treatments and improve your cash flow.

Let’s promote those payment options!

Ready to make this work for you? Call your Account Manager or contact us using the details below. If you’re new to Chrysalis, get in touch and we’ll get someone to talk you though the benefits.

Tel: 0333 32 32 230


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