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Why our APR rate is a good deal (and why others might not be)

If a patient is considering an interest-bearing payment option for their treatment, they will want to know how much interest they will be paying and how that compares with their other credit options such as a credit card or personal loan. The easiest method of comparison is APR. We recently explained how APR works.

Now, at Chrysalis we have an interesting problem. Some clinics have told us that our APR is high. At 14.9%, they say it doesn’t compare well to the headline rate they are seeing advertised elsewhere. It may sound odd, but we’re delighted this has been raised as it gives us an opportunity to explain how our APR is fair, transparent and good value.

That’s the rate – for everyone

The key to understanding why our advertised APR is good for patients, is this simple fact:

Our  APR is Fixed (currently 14.9%) and it applies to every patient who takes a Chrysalis payment option.

Why is this important?

It’s important because most lenders advertise their ‘representative’ APR and to legally advertise this figure, they are obliged to offer it to just 51% of their borrowers. This means it’s quite likely that almost half those who apply will be offered higher, unpublished interest rates.

The APR that many lenders advertise is the cheapest price you can expect. It’s similar to supermarkets and holiday companies advertising prices ‘from…’. Once you apply, many variables come into play, including your credit score, your income and your personal circumstances. Any of these can push the APR up, often well above the advertised representative APR.

With Chrysalis, when we say APR at 14.9%, that’s the rate your patients know they will pay. It means no wasted time applying and then finding out the interest rates are too high for them. It helps them to plan the monthly repayments into their budget at the crucial decision-making point about whether or not to self-pay for their treatment. It gives them the peace of mind that what they see is what they get.

APR with Chrysalis Finance

We are not for one minute saying that other finance providers are doing anything wrong. The rules mean that a headline rate must be offered to over half of borrowers – it’s there to prevent lenders from advertising a rate that might only be offered to a handful of people.

What we are saying is, at Chrysalis, we keep it simple and transparent. We advertise our APR Fixed at(14.9%) and that’s the rate your patients will be offered. It’s an extremely competitive rate and when you factor in our fast and simple application process, award-winning customer service and strong reputation in healthcare finance, it’s a great deal for your patients.

Simple, transparent payment options your patients will love

Chrysalis payment options allow patients to spread the cost of private medical or dental treatments at a transparent and competitive interest rate with no additional fees. We also offer interest-free payment options over shorter terms. This gives patients a range of payment options and it means they can make their decision armed with all the information they need.

If you would like to offer your patients simple, fair and clear payment options, at a competitive market rate, chose Chrysalis as your finance provider.

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Chrysalis Finance Limited is a lender and acts as a broker to a panel of other lenders. Financing First Limited acts as a broker to a panel of other lenders. Your chosen treatment provider will act as either an appointed representative or direct broker to Chrysalis Finance. We offer a range of interest-free and interest-bearing payment options that will be displayed by your chosen hospital or practice.

Additional APRs maybe be available. APR are listed per clinics not all clinics will offer 14.9%, please check with your clinic directly before applying.


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