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Why trust matters so much in finance

Taking out a payment plan for dental or medical treatment is becoming standard practice, enabling people to plan their finances and get the treatment they want or need immediately. In an increasingly competitive market, the integrity and trustworthiness of the finance provider is emerging as a crucial factor for patients.

That’s good news for you if you partner with Chrysalis, as we are well established, strong on due diligence and compliance, and focussed on the patient. Read on to find out why trust is important, how we build trust, and what the surprising benefits are of our robust due diligence.

Who can I trust?

The plethora of internet-based loans companies that have risen (and often promptly sunk) over the last few years has made consumers rightfully wary of who they can trust for payment plans. From ‘pay-day loans’ companies with exorbitant rates of interest to startup ‘buy now pay later’ lenders often peddling unaffordable credit, bad press has attached to the industry and made it difficult for people to sort the good guys from the not so good guys.

Trust Chrysalis

When you partner with Chrysalis, you are partnering with the biggest medical and dental loan provider in the UK,  an experienced, trustworthy finance company with integrity and strong ethics. You can be 100% confident in Chrysalis when you recommend our tailored payment plans to your patients.

How can you be so confident?

  • We are fully compliant – our standing as an ethical provider is extremely important to us and we comply with all relevant FCA guidelines and Government finance regulations
  • Our due diligence is meticulous– we carefully vet our partner clinics to ensure they are also compliant within their regulatory and advisory frameworks
  • We are transparent – we keep you informed about everything we do and we work collaboratively with you
  • We put the patient first – like you, we put patients at the heart of our business. This is why our due diligence is so thorough and it’s also why we tailor our finance solutions to patient needs
  • We are THE specialists in health and dental finance – We are immersed in the sector and we listen to clinics and their patients, ensuring we continue to provide the service they need
  • We offer wraparound support and advice – We are always at your side. Your account manager can answer  your questions and those of your patients, they can give advice on what you can and can’t say when you market your payment options, and guidance on all aspects of payment solutions.

We live each day by our values of Trust, Quality, Expertise and Care. That’s what has guided us since we began in 2014 and it is what takes us into a secure future together with our partner clinics, for the ultimate benefit of patients.

Some surprising benefits of our due diligence

It’s probably frustrating when we ask for all your certificates, your insurance documents, and a pile of other papers…and then when we keep asking for them every year. But that’s due diligence.

One of the surprising side-benefits of these checks is that our fine-tooth comb often teases out potential issues, unrelated to finance, which you can then address. Typical examples are insurances that might have run out, or paperwork that’s in the name of someone who has left. These details are all an insurance company need to deny a claim, and of course, they leave you in breach of your legal requirements too. We can bring them to your attention so that you can rectify them immediately.

We carry out reputational checks too, and we won’t partner with organisations that have any record of mis-selling finance. When we do partner with compliant and well-run clinics, we build a reputation which is mutually beneficial. Your association with Chrysalis and our association with you is a stamp of trust and integrity for your patients. It’s proof that we are the good guys!

A partnership based on trust

A payment plan is often the difference between having a treatment or not having it. This has obvious impacts for you as a business and for the health and wellbeing of your patients. As more patients become aware of the option of spreading their payments, trust is becoming one of the most important factor in their decision-making.

Our approach is open and transparent. You know you can trust us, we know we can trust you, and your patients know they can trust our partnership. There is no other finance provider with our depth of knowledge of the medical and dental sectors, the breadth and thoroughness of due diligence, and the patient-centric approach that we have adopted. Together, we can provide the right payment solutions for your patients.

Call us today on 0333 32 32 230 to find out more.

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